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St Mary's Loch
Art Gallery

Welcome to our Gallery


St Mary’s Loch is at the heart of our family and has shaped our lives in the past few years. This year we are going to run our family’s paddlesport business in tandem with our art business. To achieve this, we are going to be displaying our art on the waterside whilst doing hires. This means you will be able to take in our exclusive artwork and purchase cards and mounted prints wherever we might be.

If you are interested in any framed prints small or medium we can have these ordered for you. 

The area’s beauty has encapsulated many of our fond family memories of swimming, sailing and paddling across the waters. These memories inspired me to commission numerous local artists to produce a subtle but spectacular collection - our unique gallery. These prints are all exclusive to purchase here or at the St Mary’s Loch Art Gallery, now based in the conservation village of Midlem.

Viewing of originals by appointment. 

Art is personal. I like something if it makes me smile.


I hope you find something that makes you smile.


Exclusive Prints

We stock and sell a limited number of commissioned pieces from local artists, selling exclusive copies from our gallery.


Greetings Cards

In addition to our large-scale art, we also offer a selection of printed cards created using artwork from our featured artists. These cards are perfect for any occasion and make wonderful gifts. All cards are blank inside.


From soft toys inspired by local animals to walking guides for the keen hiker, we have a wide selection of gift items available.

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Water Sports


Our Paddlesport business is now in its fifth year. It has grown from a small venture we ran from our house into a business that spans multiple locations including St Mary’s Loch and Clerklands Loch. this year we are excited to be part of The River Tweed Canoe Trail.

Full details on booking link but if any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07974344063.

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