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This cute and cuddly Border Collie puppy soft toy is big enough to cuddle, and small enough to take with you on adventures!


Perfect for little hands to hold, this plush dog toy is an ideal gift for children.


With a distinctive black and white coat, they’re commonly known as a ‘sheepdog’ because they were originally bred to herd sheep. Super-intelligent, with high energy, they love responding to commands just as much as the treats they receive from them. Extremely loyal, they make the best companions but don’t underestimate them because they will easily outsmart you. That’s just their nature! 


Fast Fact 

The word Collie is a Scotch word used to describe sheepdogs. 



Farmhouse to field. 


Believe it or not.. 

A collie holds the Guinness World Record for fastest car window opened by a dog. 


Made from recycled materials

Living Nature Border Collie Plush Toy

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