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The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated breed of dog, but don’t let that rough exterior fool you! They are incredibly friendly and affectionate.


Our Border Terrier soft toy has been crafted to highlight its adorable features. With soft dark ears, an extra fluffy tan coat and the sweetest little face, this Border Terrier plush dog toy is ready to cuddle on the sofa with you!


Border Terriers are small dogs with cute otter-like heads. They have a double coat made of a soft, thick undercoat and a wiry outercoat. They don’t shed too much, but weekly brushing is really important to keep their coat in good condition. They have a short tail that’s held super high when they’re excited. They were originally bred to help Foxhounds with hunting because they’re lively and alert dogs. Now they make the perfect furry friend instead!  


Fast Fact 

Border Terriers are known to drool, so keep a wipe with you at all times. 





Believe it or not… 

Every 6 months Border Terriers lose their outercoat to reveal a silky soft undercoat. 


Made from recycled materials

Living Nature Border Terrier Plush Toy

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