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This striking and realistic Living Nature Hare soft toy is a wonderful woodland toy for all ages.

It is a premium soft rabbit toy that has been designed to look as realistic as possible.


The Hare looks very similar to the rabbit, but has obvious differences including the hare’s longer, larger body, much lengthier hind legs, and bigger ears. They can grow to up to 75cm tall and can weigh up to 5kg! Definitely bigger than a rabbit. They live open areas like woodlands and forests so they’ve got plenty of room to run and jump about in. From the minute they’re born, Hares can see and walk. By 4 weeks old they’re fully developed and are ready to take on the world on their own.


They’re very independent and quite shy, but with time your little friend will make the best furry companion. 


Fast Fact 

Hares can run at speeds up to 45mph! 





Believe it or not… 

Hares are the largest hare species 


Made from recycled materials

Living Nature Hare Plush Toy

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