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Discover natures wildlife secrets with Living Nature!


This otterly adorable large Otter soft toy is a beautiful example of the realism provided by our premium brand of soft toys. Otters are extremely playful by nature, and this plush woodland toy is sure to provide lots of fun and cuddles for the lucky owner.


Native to riparian zones, which is the name for an area between land and water, Otters need easy access to food like fish, frogs and clams. Some otters live in groups, others choose to go solo and their home is often found in a riverbank underneath a tree root.  


Fast Fact 

River otters can hold their breath underwater for up to 8 minutes! 



River and woodland 


Believe it or not... 

They store rocks underneath their armpits, ready to open clams. 


Made with recycles materials

Living Nature Otter Plush Toy

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